Training Services

One-on-One Computer Training Service

  • Over the past, several friends have asked us that the computing courses of the Concentrated Group have achieved no benefit. Person capabilities and expertise in community lessons cannot be sufficiently tracked or answered. This frustrates students because it would be too quick for someone or too late towards others, so both miss out and do not get monetary value.

    You inform what you’d desire to do whether you’d like to explore from your offices and homes and

    • We offer one-to-one instruction on your variety of subjects.
    • Printed Steps Directions are available to you.

     Training Suggestions: 

    • I would like some advice on Internet use and e-mail
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook – How to use Microsoft Office
    • Capturing my digital images, email and printing
    • How do I use applications related to businesses, such as Xerox, QuickBooks etc.
    • Show me how Music can be downloaded and heard on my iPod or c
    • Both computers, tablets, accessories and technology-related issues.