Email Setup

Email Setup

Seamless Connections: Reliable Computers Email Setup Solutions

It is rightly said that the loss of emails is directly proportional to financial loss. If the email systems of your company are not well set, you may face several troubles in terms of sales, customer service and process management. For a corporate environment, it is better to have a desktop solution that sends and receives emails on the go without the need to log in time and again for these functions.

With us, you rest assured of firmly set email servers that manage an entire load of emails for you in an automated manner. Our Email Solutions include:

  • MS Outlook – A proven and tested industry favourite, the Outlook Email Solution can help you streamline all emails on the go.

  • Mac Mail – Similar to MS Outlook, this is another solution from Mac that we deploy according to client requirements.

  • Lotus Notes – An IBM Solution that is both, robust and scalable, Lotus Notes is ideal for large-scale companies.

  • Entourage – An innovative Email Client developed by Microsoft especially for companies running Mac OS, it is a multi-beneficial workplace email software.

  • Gmail – Available over the internet, Gmail is Google’s making, allowing you to set-up and execute a very efficient mailing desk.

Besides these, we can also configure Windows Mail, Hotmail and Thunderbird systems, depending on your company’s requirements. Share your requirements with us and we shall provide you with our expert IT Support in setting-up and controlling all aspects related to Emails.