PC Regular Service/Cleanup

Maintain Your Systems, Clean Their Insides!

Information Technology relies on the concepts of mechanics and electronics to function smoothly. While we speak about it in these terms, it is natural that your computer systems, network devices and other equipment may face problems of some of the other kind.

Reliable Computers has been delivering PC Repair, PC Maintenance, Computer Repair, System Maintenance and Network Maintenance services. We excel at various activities involved in PC Repairs and Maintenance as follows:

  • Security – We assist you in addressing your company’s Spyware, Malware and Trojan issues along with viruses. We can also install and deploy robust security management antivirus solutions as per your requirements.

  • System Updating – We help you perform periodic system updates aimed at keeping everything up to date with all the new versions of software, applications and system files installed

  • Disk Cleanup – We render our services in cleaning up the hard disks for all of your systems and server computers, with emphasis on sector-wise clean-up along with defragmentation if required

  • Folder Maintenance – We delete all temp files and folders, folders that are not required are backed up, all broken shortcuts are either rectified or deleted and internet files are deleted for fresh cookies and certificates