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Apple Macbook Repair St George, Sydney

Enjoy End-to-end Apple Services and Apple Support with Reliable Computers.

Reliable Computing is a huge retailer of computer replacements and updates, notebook reparations, Mac fixes, PC maintenance and much more. With a full emphasis on maximum fulfilment, we recognize the technological needs of your enterprise efficiently. For several years currently, we have offered small companies and personal user’s device repair, refinement and upgrade services.

Repair services:

we provide a various range of laptop and desktop repair and maintenance such as hardware and software regarding issues, further a list of relevant list of issues is mentioned below:

  • Keyboard replacement
  • Replacement of hard drive
  • Speed up
  • Virus removal
  • Screen replacement
  • Health check
  • Dust removal
  • CPU thermal
  • Replacement of CPU fan
  • Replacement of power supply
  • Backlight problems
  • Problems of intermittent power
  • Charging and power faults
  • Overheating problems
  • Screen problems

Upgrade services-

For the most popular PC and computer models Toshiba, Acer, Mac, Dell, Samsung, HP, Huawei, Sony, and Panasonic we will provide and fit substitute components. In certain instances, we can fix your Computer or mac, save you the costs of a new Computer for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  • SSD upgrade
  • Ram upgrade
  • Network cards
  • Anti-virus
  • Graphic cards for performance
  • Complete builds
  • Email setup
  • Case swap
  • Data recovery and data backup
  • Scanner and printer setup