Hardware &

Hardware and Software Services

Reliable computers for conflict resolution, maintenance and repairs to a full range of software / hardware problems. We can manage almost any technology problem with years of experience. In order to recognize and remedies applications, hardware and network concerns, we provide a device repair service. Regular maintenance will ensure that your PC desktop, personal computer operates smoothly. Our fair pricing and extensive operation make us a good option for both corporate and residential customers.

Our hardware services:

You cannot observe files, or you simply cannot even switch it on if your machine appears unusually slow and sluggish. We will repair the hardware and fix it. If the source of your issues is an outdated or defective hardware device, we will repair it or update it with a modern hardware device.

Services Includes:

  • Diagnostics of full system
  • Ordering parts and installing
  • Hard drive and memory replacement and upgrades

Repair services for software:

You can have problems with a certain piece of computer-installed software. We can solve challenges, solve issues, and teach you how to make the some of it in the potential further time frame. If the code seems broken, the program will be compromised and reactivated to function properly. For you, we will download and install it again.

Repair services of software includes:

  • Software and operating system installation
  • Disaster assessment and data recovery
  • Spyware, adware, and virus removal