Configuring Internet Setup – Quick and Secure

Now all your troubles in setting up robust and secure Internet connections are gone! Reliable Computers offers its IT Support to set-up various types of Internet connections and networks from an official point of view. We study your company’s bandwidth requirement and assist you in selecting the best-suited option for you. Once the connection is available, we quickly come to your facility and configure the Internet. Our IT technicians are well versed in setting up the below-mentioned connections:

  • ADSL 2 – With ADSL 2 networks have a download speed of up to 24 Mbit per second down and up to 1.4 Mbit per set up, as per the distance between the service provider and end-users.

  • Broadband NBN/Cable – With Broadband NBN/Cable, you can access the Internet at lightning speed.

  • Wireless 3G/4G – With the introduction of 3G and 4G technologies around the globe, its time even you adopt this higher generation of standards to speed up things and benefit your operations.