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Law Firms And Legal Practices

Reliable Computers offers Managed IT Services, Technology Support and Consultation for your law firm. Over the years, we have been providing managed IT support services to attorneys and legal firms in Sydney. Some of our services include-

  • Network & Support Services for Routine Activities-Don’t let technology problems hinder your team from meeting deadlines with a minor outage, e-mail problem or a network issue. This can culminate into serious damages including money and time. Reliable Computers provides network support and technical consultation services of highest standards to legal firms of all sizes. ­­­­­­Whether you are looking for on-site support services or remote one, we have the right expertise to cater to your needs. You can select from our cost-effective IT services plans and our helpdesk engineers will address your issues. We will give you unlimited Helpdesk support and the majority of the network issues can be resolved remotely.

  • Data Security and Protection for Law Officers-Law firms today face stringent regulatory scrutiny along with repercussions if violated. ‘Attorneys know the consequences of violating the Government enforced regulations in relation to client data protection, so Reliable Computers comes to their aid. Our expertise and skills seamlessly integrate the data into technological practices within the organization.

  • Disaster Management-Unexpected natural or man-made disasters can bring havoc to your work. Whether a torrential downpour brings your IT support to a halt or a file containing confidential information gets corrupt, Reliable Computers comes at your service. Our range of services includes data protection and data backup that ensure the data is safe and accessible at all times. We will strategise a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that caters to the needs of the entire firm.

  • Data Storage Compliance & Management-With the coming of the Internet, all communication today is done via email. As a general rule of thumb, a law firm must know the whereabouts of its data and the way of retrieving it. The legal officer must index the data so it becomes searchable. If an attorney looks at all these tasks, where will he/she find the time to practice? Reliable Computers will help you out with your data storage issues, e-mail archiving and give compliance solutions.

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Reliable Computers delivers business value and in-depth expertise as per your requirements. Headquartered in Sydney, we offer high-quality remote and on-site IT services to law firms.

Our team of engineers are industry equipped to support the products you use. We know what Server hardware works best, and how to manage it. We work closely with software vendors such as Leap Legal, Lexis Nexis and many other Legal Suites.

Reliable Computers have worked closely with Lawyers, Barristers & Solicitors for many years. We know the Legal Profession!

Reliable Computers have many satisfied Legal firms who we are happy to provide as a reference site. Feel free to give a call to discuss your requirements.

Allow Reliable Computers to actively monitor and remediate problems on your network before they occur.