Office 2007 approaching end of extended support 
Office 2007 reaches the end of its support lifecycle this year(10/10/2017), meaning there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates. Customers who are using Office 2007 products and services should start planning to move to Office 2016.

Why ignoring EOL timelines is a bad idea
Perhaps you’re trying to save a few bucks by using out-dated Office 2007. Not to be alarmist: but there really ARE some risks.

End-of-life software dangers:

Security vulnerabilities:No more security fixes being issued by Microsoft means that Office 2007 will be a minefield of security hazards. For this reason alone, you should update ASAP. A firewall and anti-virus are not sufficient protection against unpatchable vulnerabilities, which hackers are quick to exploit. Reliable computers recommends ESET endpoint protection: Multi-layered technology far beyond basic Antivirus. Price for ESET Endpoint protection: $60. Cost of Labour to install: $50

Software incompatibility:New applications are optimized for the most recent Operating System (Windows 10). That means when using EOL office 2007, you can’t upgrade to the latest and greatest OS, so you’ll have to hold onto legacy applications (which are likely also EOL or soon to be). Reliable computers recommend Windows 10: Windows 10 delivers a host of new technology that makes interacting with your PC more natural than ever. Price for Windows 10 Home: $176. Cost of Labour to format & install: $175.

Compliance issues:Regulated industries like healthcare and e-commerce deal with lots of sensitive customer data. Entrusting your critical information to a decade-old OS or an unsecure application? STOP. In addition to security lapses, it could result in big fines, company shutdowns, or possible jail time.

High operating costs:The costs of maintaining and bug-fixing any post-EOL software can be steep. The expense of paying Microsoft to patch Office 2007 can greatly exceed the price of simply replacing it. What about the high cost of a mission-critical app failing? These are all things to consider.

Poor performance and reliability:Chances are, if you’re still running Office 2007, then you’ve got some aging computer too… adding to your risk because these likely out-of-warranty devices are prone to breaking down. Consider that downtime alone could be more costly than an overdue upgrade. Reliable computers recommend upgrading to a new system. We sell Desktops and Laptops. Price for a New PC starts from $799 and for a Laptop starts from $800.

Simply put, there’s no bulletproof way to run EOL software. The potential risks typically outweigh the rewards, even if you’re tight on budget. Security, compatibility, and compliance are all big problems with EOL software. So what’s the solution?

Reliable Computers recommend that you migrate to current product versions before the support end dates. This lets you take advantage of the latest product innovations and ensure uninterrupted support from Microsoft.

Price for Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 & install: $265 

Price for Microsoft Office Professional 2016 & install: $565

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