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IOS/iPad/iPhone Apps

Reliable Computers has years of experience, and the qualified developers for iPad Apps development which have been served to many clients all over the globe, successfully.We have a team of highly skilled iOS and iPhone developers have in-depth knowledge of the Apple platform and latest frameworks involved in iOS application development including iPhone SDK, Cocoa and Objective C.

We also cover the development process of social networking applications, geographic location applications, communication and messaging applications. We also develop software in the gaming entertainment segment to satisfy people who want to play high end games on their handheld device. They are built with interactive technologies which can be easily released, and used on mobile platforms. This is about creating a simple, yet refreshing application which enables people a fast user interface regardless of the environmental conditions.

Reasons hire our iOS application development program:

  • Expertise in iOS 5 and iPhone SDK
  • Highly precise, interactive and easy to use apps
  • Save in-house development cost
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Continuous updates about the project
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Increase business with iPhone applications

Why outsource iPhone development service to Reliable Computers?

We have been tending to customer needs with focused attention and comprehensive support for the future. When you outsource your iPhone development services to us, you have the advantage of an inexpensive iPhone programming system that is built with the best of technology. Once an application is deployed, we continuously update it with new features as per your desires. Our services are focused to get you complete benefit with minimum investment. This gives you the ability to enjoy a high quality product and individual support of a top class iPhone development company with peace of mind.

An Understanding into iPhone development

With the introduction of groundbreaking handheld devices like iPhone that can reproduce key functions of a computer, the business world has found a new path to success. An iPhone user always gets to enjoy the benefit of computing and browsing the Web on the move. The highly tailored and user-friendly iPhone allows you to remain updated with occupational or personal accounts without a failure and at ease. This next generation smart technology though contrasts from a desktop computer or other contemporary handheld devices in numerous aspects. It entails an altered design approach and mobile environment to run and apply into the market. There are many new avenues that have been experimented with, during the development process of innovative, and interactive mobile technology.

Custom Web Development

Our proficiency in the domain of custom web development is known around the globe now. With core competency in ASP, PHP, and .net we are already at the vanguard in custom web development services.
We understand the custom applications requirements for diverse businesses to improve collaboration between internal departments to improve productivity, customer services and business profitability. Our web development insight ensures both value delivery and rapid execution of web projects covering custom web applications and complex enterprise e-business solutions.

Why Choose Reliable Computers?

  • Conduct a comprehensive applications requirement
  • Develop secure, scalable, reliable, robust, applications
  • Build custom applications that require minimum maintenance
  • Cutting edge solutions founded on LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and Adobe Technologies (Flex/Flash/AIR) platforms
  • Proven web application development life cycle
  • QA and testing ensure high performance development to clients
  • Constant support i.e. adopting change requests, enhancements, troubleshooting and support

Reliable Computers custom web development process enables website designing, programming and development services supported by ongoing maintenance support driven by latest technological developments. Our vast experience and track record encompasses design and development services pertaining to corporate websites of multi-functional and intricate web portals. Reliable Computers has the complete wherewithal to comprehend the technical and business dimensions of websites, putting our technical dedication to optimal use. Our direct uninterrupted access to professionals around the globe, allows us to provide your business with just the right services to thrive in today’s business environment.

We developed custom web application delivers rich internet application and solutions which incorporate new features that will help your industry cater to a distinct section of consumers that have a need yet unfulfilled. Our build user oriented applications which are specifically build to offer businesses a competitive advantage by enabling them to meet their customer expectations.

Facebook Apps & Social Media

Reliable Computers is there to help your business as a Facebook Apps & Social Media services provider to tap into the vase user base available on all popular Social Networking sites. Social networking / gathering is an emerging concept in the web industry, people use networking website to find jobs, exchange information, and relationship etc. Social Networking websites help in many ways to the users hang-out with existing friends, meeting strangers, making online business contacts etc.

Reliable Computers is a leading social networking web application development outsourcing company and our expertise on the same have sets us apart from competitor. Our ability to work closely with our clients, consults them, understand their business objectives and requirements and create a scalable solution as per need. Social networking website helps to enhance interactivity between various people worldwide. And the greatest advantage of the website is to enhance the prospects of personal and professional growth across the globe. We incorporate the following features interface and back-end – in a community website.

Member Registration, Member Login, New Class Entries, Main Functionality Section, Search Feature, User Profile Module, User Reply Module, Edit User Profile Module, Blog Post Module, Manage Favorites, Mail Box Module, Search User Module, Group Gallery Module, Group Category Module, Show Module, Admin Module, Mater Admin Module, Topic Admin Module, Content Management Module, Video and Voice Chat.

Reliable Computers leverages productivity for businesses by employing the social networking concept as the framework for developing innovative business concepts that yield high returns on ideas. With the Web 2.0 standard steadily becoming the norm in bringing the wired world closer, social networking has grown beyond its origins as a community platform into a successful business model capable of delivering rich dividends. We provide the following community networking solution.

Communities and Corporate Network application

eCommerce B2B and B2C Networking website

Wireless and Mobile Community Portal

Reliable Computers, specialization in social networks and community portals make us one step ahead than simply deploying community networking website and application. We outrival in helping diverse industry domains providing benefit that the social networking platform creates on the world.

SEO Marketing

The world of search engines has their own language which a very few people understand. We are the fortunate ones who will be your medium to the world of e-marketing. Take advantage of our PPC/SEM and SEO marketing.

Reliable Computers is a leading search engine optimization and internet marketing company offering SEO marketing, pay per click, internet marketing, social media optimization and reputation management. SEO India specialists are proficient to formulate business driven SEO & internet marketing solutions in order to provide the comprehensive ROI. We have a confirmed track-record in SEO/SMO domain to develop effective strategies to get top search rankings and sales leads. Our SEO Marketing experience certainly helps you to generate a Business and Leads. SEO India Company presents to its clients a varied organic search engine optimization services such as pay per click, social media optimization, and online reputation management.

Understanding the Google Algorithm

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is one of the highest ROI driven SEO marketing helping to drive potential traffic on the website by raking a website in the top of the search engine rank placement. SEO Marketing or achieving top ranking requires extreme attention & analysis to understand ongoing search engine algorithm updates accurately and accordingly applied the same on the website to attain top ranking on the searches. When your website achieves top ranking, we guarantee you for unlimited sales leads and that is where Reliable Computers stand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that Drives Potential Traffic, qualified Leads and Sales. We follow mentioned exercise while proposing a comprehensive solution to our clients.

Highlighting area of improvement, Competitor analysis and performance measure, Developing plan of action to reach goal in minimum possible time, Perform constant tests and adoption of competitive SEO strategies, Observe search engine activity and website’s performance, Evolution of your SEO campaign on a regular basis, Maximum automated processes for high accuracy, Report typically covers SEO summary, ranking progress and performance, Monthly activity summary for complete transparency.

Why Reliable Computers is the Right Choice for Entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Marketing Needs?

  • Increase in Traffic & High ROI
    Reliable Computers has well defined strategic approach that brings-in the quality traffic and ROI in stipulated duration. The search engine optimization (SEO) services implements various ethical techniques that help websites attain top ranking and dominant visibility on the top search engines. The SEO services provided delivers comprehensive solutions and competent results among competitors.
  • Industry Range & Expertise
    Internet Marketing helps business reach their potential customers and markets competently. This results in speedy growth in entire industrial sector. Reliable Computers delivers progressive online business solutions with traffic driven keywords that result in achieving progressive ranking and desired visibility on the search engines.
  • Strategic Consulting for SEO/SEM Campaign
    Our Internet Marketing and SEO experts provide in-depth consultation to promote online business solutions. Various measures and following ethical SEO/SEM guidelines help the campaigns provide lucrative results to the websites on the internet. The strategic business approach helps generating traffic and business for the website.
  • Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking
    Reliable Computers guarantees businesses that websites are placed on the top search engine with dominate rankings. We assure our clients guaranteed search engine rankings with our focused skills developed over the years through effort, and learning. We commit for competitor analysis, top search engine positioning and high level of visibility.
  • Home surveillance with IP network cameras

    Security cameras are everywhere these days. You pass them walking down the street, at the ATM, in nearly every store you walk into. But when it comes to bringing the technology into your home, the whole idea can easily end up in the too-hard basket.

Thanks to a hard push downwards into the consumer market, makers of networked home-security cameras now offer more, and easier, options for watching your house while you’re away. For a relatively modest outlay, you can get a basic networkable security camera with all the frills — motion detection, low-light operation — even Wi-Fi connectivity, so you don’t have to run cabling around your house.

Pair it with an app on your smartphone, and you can keep tabs on your prize alpaca, look over your stash of gold bullion or make sure the ratty neighbors’ kids aren’t destroying your camellias again — whether you’re on the beach in Thailand or elbowing your way through a Moroccan souq. But how do you actually get it to work? Techniques for getting devices online tend to work sometimes, but fail spectacularly just as often. But once you start wanting more options, things can get more complicated; you’ll need to have a good sense of how to manage IP addresses for your various devices. While getting ready to go away for a short trip recently, we decided to set up some cameras to keep tabs on the family dog, who was going to have the backyard all to himself for the duration (no need to call the RSCPA — family were going to come by to visit, feed and pamper him). For good measure, we decided to install a camera in front of the house too. Here’s how we did it.

We have contact!

Among the many settings you’ll need to consider is what happens when the camera detects motion. You can have the camera record video continuously, or only when it detects something moving (or, in some cases, when it hears sound). Many cameras can automatically email you a picture, a series of pictures or a video clip when motion is detected; you’ll need your email server credentials to make this work. But what happens if your camera is pointed at a tree that moves every time the wind blows? Surely, you don’t need a thousand pictures of the trees in ever so slightly different positions. To avoid this, modern cameras have a motion-detection setting that lets you draw a grid over the parts of the image that you want to register as motion. Make sure this relates to the area you’re watching — you’re precious sleeping infant, Monaro GT or garden gnomes — and you’ll only be alerted if something happens to or around them. This could be invaluable for monitoring the swimming pool, for example; set up the right alerts, and the camera can instantly alert you if one of the children has snuck through the gate and is moving around the pool’s edge.

Wi-Fi cameras are a great way to easily keep tabs on parts of your house, and today’s models are relatively inexpensive. They’re also extremely convenient if you need to move the camera to different parts of the house at different times — just unplug the camera, set it up somewhere else, plug it back in and you’re good to go. One caveat: since Wi-Fi cameras need a power point to plug in to, you’ll be limited by proximity to a power point if you’re planning on putting your security monitor somewhere that power is in short supply — for example, in the garage or by the pool. Depending on the layout of your house, and the position of your Wi-Fi router, you may also run into connectivity issues if the Wi-Fi signal is being attenuated because of brick walls or excessive amounts of steel in the construction.

The wired camera

Wi-Fi cameras generally have one other major problem: they can be disabled simply by being unplugged. If you want to use a Wi-Fi camera for serious surveillance, you’ll want to encase the power cord in PVC piping, and put the mains converter somewhere locked. The desire to have a more professional, polished installation drives many home owners to invest in wired security cameras. These have the advantage of being a more permanent fixture of the house, and are a must-have in situations where you are actually worried about security, rather than just watching with a webcam. They’re also mandatory if your home radio-frequency environment is not conducive to good Wi-Fi coverage, or if power points are few and far between in the areas you want to cover.
It may sound like something best done at your local bank — or, at the very least, by your local electrician — but if you’re even moderately handy with gadgets, and not afraid to get your hands a bit dirty, you can get a wired installation working with relative ease. It’s possible to add extra applications, and to set a broad range of event conditions that will, for example, email you when motion is detected, or when a sound above a particular threshold is detected. A common alert action is to email you a snapshot from the camera when motion is detected. This can be useful for all sorts of reasons, but you’ll want to tweak the sensitivity, because nobody needs their inbox flooded with pictures of the flowers waving.

I like to watch

Getting your cameras recording content is one thing, but the one that will get you the biggest nods at that dinner party is to be able to log in to your camera from wherever you are, and get current surveillance footage from your smartphone. Your friends might think they have cute puppy pictures to show, but what will they say when you can show them live video of your dog tearing through the rubbish bag? On second thought…
Viewing your camera online used to require the use of Dynamic DNS (DDNS), a type of service that automatically maintains a connection with your home-network router, so that you can find your network on the internet. The leading service,, ran a free service that has been built in to many routers — but was recently turned into a commercial service.

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